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8 Wise Ways to Manage Anxiety

8 Wise Ways to Manage Anxiety

1. Identify and learn to manage your triggers

What causes your anxiety? What triggers it? Sometimes this can be obvious, like caffeine or work stress, and other times the triggers can be less obvious. Sometimes there may be so ant differing factors that it can take time to work the specific triggers out and you may benefit from additional support such as a therapist or our 8Wise™ Wellness Programme.

When you do identify your trigger, the aim is to limit your exposure to it, if you can, or develop effective coping mechanisms to manage it.

2. Adopt cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

CBT as it is commonly referred to, helps you learn different ways of thinking about and reacting to anxiety-causing situations. A therapist can help you develop ways to change negative thought patterns and behaviours before they spiral. You can also access CBT activities via the 8Wise™ Wellness Programme.

3. Do meditation

It’s not always easy to start and it takes time to do it successfully, but when done regularly meditation can eventually help you train your brain to dismiss anxious thoughts when they arise, putting you back in control of your mind.

If sitting still and concentrating is difficult, try starting with yoga, tai chi, swimming or walking meditation. There are many free guided meditations available, and we take you through some on 8Wise™ Wellness Programme too.

4. Keep a journal

Writing down your thoughts and emotions in a journal each day can be helpful, its way we developed the 8Wise 12-Week Journal and the 8Wise 12-Month planner as part of the 8Wise™ Wellness Programme. Giving yourself the time for self-reflection and the process of writing down thoughts can be a calming experience. 

However, it can also help you keep a track of when you experience anxiety, how it makes you feel, and what sort of things trigger it, so you can identify your own patterns and implement an effective strategy for manging it that is personalised to you.

5. Socialize

Although each person is different, and not everyone likes spending a lot of time in the company of others, because we are ‘pack animals’ by nature it is good for us.  Our social wellness benefits greatly when we spend time with people we like and feel comfortable with on a regular basis, and this can help you manage your anxiety.

Socialising can help relieve stress, encourage feelings of laughter, togetherness, and community as well as decrease feelings of loneliness, and this can make us all more resilient to stress longer term.

6. Nutrition

Improving your diet or taking supplements to boost your nutritional intake is a healthy long-term strategy for optimal mental health and wellbeing. Research shows certain supplements or nutrients can help anxiety reduction, such as omega 3, ashwagandha, green tea, valerian root, to name a few.

However, it can take a few months before your body is running on the nutrition these herbs and foods provide. If you’re taking other medications, make sure to discuss herbal remedies with your doctor as there can be adverse reactions.

7. Keep your body and mind healthy

Exercising regularly, eating balanced meals, getting enough sleep, and staying connected to people who care about you are great ways to stave off anxiety symptoms. These components play a crucial role in the 8Wise™ Wellness Programme via emotional wellness, physical wellness and social wellness but impact the other 5 elements too which is why we provide many different tools and techniques for improving each of these core elements of wellness.

8. Medication

At the end of the day, if you have tried lots of different tools and techniques to manage your anxiety and you find that your anxiety is severe enough that your mental health practitioner believes you’d benefit from medication, there are several directions to go, depending on your symptoms. Always discuss your options for medication with your doctor.


These are just some of the tools you can access in the 8Wiseä Wellness Programme so if you are struggling with your psychological wellbeing, are just wanting to live a healthy happy life or you simply want to support others, then get in touch for more information on how Living the 8 Wise Way can lead to optimal mental health and wellbeing and an improved quality of life.

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