Who Is The Book For

Why 8Wise™?

This book is for everyone. All of us need to manage our wellness and wellbeing to achieve a happier, healthier, and fuller life. My sole purpose in this book has been to guide you to do just that, whether you need help to protect your mental health, prevent mental health issues, or need support with recovery.

The book is also for practitioners. It has long been my belief that therapy should involve all phases of life, the past, present, and future and this is the central tenet of the 8Wise™ approach. It is a model that can be used for all three stages because it maps effectively to both a therapeutic model and a coaching model. It can be used if you are a therapist supporting someone with their mental health and if you are a life coach supporting someone with managing a major life transition.

8Wise™ was developed by a practitioner to be used in practice to help clients with concerns that generate high levels of stress and put them at risk of developing longer-term mental health and physical health issues. It can be used by both therapists and life coaches, as well as those who – like me – are therapeutic coaches, combining the principles of both therapy models and coaching models together for an end-to-end holistic approach.

8Wise™ Wellness Program

8Wise™ can support you all.

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