Social Wellness Evaluation

Please note that the results of these evaluations are completely confidential and not shared with anyone. We use your name and email address to send you a copy of your evaluation results for your own records.

Our social wellness focuses on how we connect with others, how we interact with others, and how we develop and maintain healthy relationships. Optimal social wellness also requires you to know when to distance yourself from those relationships that are no longer healthy for you.

Welcome to your Social Wellness Evaluation

Full Name
I plan and spend enjoyable quality time with friends and family

I find opportunities to develop new relationships

I give priority to my own needs and feel comfortable saying ‘no’ to others

I feel supported and respected in my close relationships

I communicate effectively with others no matter the social interaction

I make efforts to improve the behaviours I know have caused upset to others

I seek out intimate relationships where values are shared, and mutual respect is demonstrated

I am respectful of others and appreciate the diversity of others

I have someone I can talk to about my most private thoughts and feelings

I give and take equally in cooperative relationships

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