Occupational Wellness Evaluation

Please note that the results of these evaluations are completely confidential and not shared with anyone. We use your name and email address to send you a copy of your evaluation results for your own records.

Occupational wellness involves balancing work and leisure time, building relationships with co-workers, and managing workplace stress to develop a sense of satisfaction and achievement in relation to your job, your employer and your career. This includes finding work that maps to your values, interests and skills.

Welcome to your Occupational Wellness Evaluation

Full Name
I balance work with all other areas of my life effectively

I get personal satisfaction and fulfilment from the work I do

I work for an organisation whose values match my own

I get an opportunity to use my strengths and skills daily

I effectively manage my work stress levels and responsibilities

I have the opportunity to contribute my skills, knowledge and talents to the wider organisation

I am developing the necessary skills and knowledge to move forward in my career

I know what I am looking for when seeking an employer and a new role

I take opportunities to learn new skills and develop

I strive to develop good work habits and effective working relationships

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