Wellness Evaluations

As explained in the book, we start the 8Wise™ journey by establishing the position we are currently starting from – not where we were, not where we wish we were, but where we actually are. It’s time to face the fear and really reflect and evaluate where your wellness is against all eight elements.

Below are evaluations for each of the eight elements with a short recap to help you focus on the questions. Answer each question honestly, you are only cheating yourself if you don’t. You want to start from a position of authenticity to achieve milestones that are realistic and relevant to your life, your wellness, your wellbeing and your mental health.

There are ten questions in each evaluation, each rated 1 to 4 as described below:

  • Never ​​​1
  • Rarely​​​ 2
  • Sometimes ​​3
  • Usually​​ 4


  • Select the statement in the column that most represents you
  • Complete the evaluation
  • The system will calculate your overall total.

The overall total corresponds with an 8Wise™ plot number. Write this on your 8Wise™ Map and watch it come to life with an overall evaluation of your wellness and wellbeing from which to navigate your 8Wise™ Journey.

Select an evaluation and start.

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