Our Spiritual Wellness is one of the core elements of our 8Wise™ approach, because it is an
intrinsic factor of our overall wellbeing. A very important part of having good Spiritual Wellness is
identifying and living by our values and beliefs – which are our most basic and fundamental

Values and beliefs help to guide our decisions and behaviour, and help determine what we
prioritise, ensuring that we chose the path that is going to fulfil us and make us happy.
What’s important to you? When you ask yourself this question, it may be helpful to categorise
things, for example, relationships, personal life, career…

Let’s take a look at some examples. First in relationships, and this doesn’t necessarily mean
romantic relationships, but friendships too. You may value honesty, a good sense of humour, and
compassion. Knowing what you value in others can help you surround yourself with the right kind
of people for you. In your career you may value a role that enables you to be creative, or to work
as part of a larger team. In your personal life you may believe in being as green and sustainable as

Our values help us create the life that we want. They also enable us to develop and grow as
individuals, and give our lives a greater purpose and sense of self, which are really important to
our mental health. When we live a life that is aligned with our values and beliefs, we’re
understandably happier, more confident and more fulfilled. In fact, research shows that even just
thinking about our values can lower our stress levels.

On the flip side, when our behaviour and way of living doesn’t align with our values and beliefs,
we can have low self-esteem, feel stressed, find it hard to make decisions, and even experience
anxiety or depression.

Having a clear understanding of what we value and believe in enables us to live a life that we are
happy with. As you can see, it also links to other core elements of our 8Wise approach such as
Social Wellness, Occupational Wellness, and Environmental Wellness.
If you would like more information about Spiritual Wellness and how you can strengthen it, you
can read our book 8Wise Ways To A Healthier Happier Mind

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