Our Spiritual Wellness is intrinsically connected to our overall wellbeing and happiness, which is why it is one of our core dimensions in 8Wise™️. Spiritual Wellness is all about understanding your life’s purpose, and living a life that reflects your beliefs and values. There are many ways that you can nurture your Spiritual Wellness such as practising meditation, manifesting, and discovering and living by your core values.

You can also strengthen your Spiritual Wellness by practicing self acceptance. It can help to boost your mood, decrease the risk of depression and increase positive emotions. So what is self acceptance? In a nutshell, it is the awareness of your strengths and weaknesses, an understanding of your capabilities and worth, and embracing yourself despite your flaws.

How can you practice self acceptance?

  1. Become self-aware

Welcome any thoughts and emotions without judgement.

  1. Acknowledge your strengths

Make a list of everything you’re good at and what you have achieved. It can be useful to re-read this list if you ever start to doubt yourself.

  1. Keep supportive company

Surround yourself with those who accept you and believe in you.

  1. Learn to forgive yourself

Moving on from past regrets is essential for self acceptance. Remind yourself that anything you perceive as a mistake or failure is simply a part of being human and an important step towards personal growth.

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others

With social media at a touch of a button, it can be hard not to compare your life to those you see online. It’s important to recognise that social media is a highlights reel and you can never really know what people are going through behind closed doors.

  1. Practice self care

Look after your mind and body by taking care of yourself. This could be anything from reading your favourite book to practicing daily yoga.

Incorporate the above tips into your daily life and begin your 8Wise journey to overall wellness today.

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