Developing strong self esteem is vital to your overall wellbeing as it is connected to your Emotional Wellness – a core element of our 8Wise™️ approach. Someone with low self esteem has negative feelings about themselves, and may believe they are unworthy of love, happiness or success. Low self esteem can affect many aspects of your life, and can lead to poor relationships, depression, substance abuse and addiction, anxiety, stress, and more.

In today’s blog post we’re sharing some top tips for raising low self esteem, so that you can boost your Emotional Wellness and improve your overall wellbeing.

  1. Write down the positives.

Write a list of at least five positive things about yourself and add to it regularly, and put it somewhere you can see it. You can write things like ‘I’m a good friend’ or ‘I’m great at drawing’.

  1. Identify things you’re good at and develop them

Self esteem can be strengthened by achievements in things that matter to us. For example, if you love running, why not sign up for a half marathon and train for it?

  1. Practise self care

That doesn’t just mean taking a bubble bath or reading your favourite book, although this form of self care is really important too. Make a real effort to be kind to yourself and challenge negative thoughts. Think about how you would speak to your friends, and treat yourself with the same kindness.

  1. Celebrate all achievements

This could be as small as making a really good cup of tea, or going for a walk around the block. Acknowledging and celebrating small victories is really good for boosting your confidence and self esteem.

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others

It’s easy to assume that everyone else is happy and confident just because they appear so on social media, but remember that everyone has their own struggles. Comparing yourself to others leads to negative self-talk, anxiety and stress.

You can learn other ways to strengthen your Emotional Wellness and boost your overall wellness with 8Wise.

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