Social Wellness is one of our core elements of 8Wise™️ and in order for you to achieve overall wellbeing, you need to experience Social Wellness. Managing conflict is essential for good Social Wellness, and your overall wellbeing. Conflicts can arise in the workplace, between friends, and in a romantic relationships – and they’re pretty unavoidable.

Everyone is different, has differing opinions, personalities, and beliefs, so conflict is bound to happen every so often. It can trigger strong emotions and can result in upset, anxiety, and discomfort amongst other feelings. If it’s not handled correctly, conflict can lead to irreparable rifts, resentment, and damaged relationships. However, if it’s managed properly it can actually strengthen your relationship with the other person and can build trust between you.

Here are some of our top tips for managing conflict:

  1. Analyse it

Firstly, you need to clarify the specific problem. Think about what triggered the conflict? Who are you angry with? What is it that you would like that you are not getting? How can the conflict be resolved?

  1. Keep your language neutral

It can be tempting to use inflammatory language when emotions are heightened, but this escalates conflict. Instead, try to keep your cool and leave out profanities and name-calling. This way you can get across your opinion more effectively too.

  1. Separate person from problem

It’s all too easy to attribute negative feelings to the person you’re having the conflict with. Instead, try and see the problem as a set of circumstances – this makes the conflict more manageable to deal with.

  1. Work together to resolve the conflict

Take some time to calmly listen to each other, and don’t point fingers. You may need to agree to disagree – everyone has unique opinions and views so it’s unlikely you’ll agree on every detail.

  1. Be specific

Don’t leave anything open to interpretation. Sometimes words can be ambiguous which can lead to further conflict down the line. Ensure that everyone’s opinions and views are laid out very clearly and specifically.

  1. Accept it

Remember that conflict is perfectly normal, unavoidable, and occurs in every relationship. Just because it arises doesn’t mean it can’t be solved!

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