Everyone experiences some anxiety in social situations occasionally. Perhaps when public speaking or before a job interview – it’s completely normal and expected! However, someone who experiences Social Anxiety Disorder can feel overly anxious before, during and after social situations. They may feel uncomfortable in lots of situations such as getting public transport, making eye contact, and talking to someone. They may avoid situations and places such as parties, public bathrooms, restaurants, and strangers. As you can imagine, the disorder affects many areas of life such as relationships, school, work and social life.

Social Anxiety Disorder hugely hinders the Social Wellness of those who suffer with it. Social Wellness is one the core eight elements within our unique 8Wise™️ approach as we know just how important it is for our overall wellbeing and mental health. Not only does Social Anxiety affect your Social Wellness, it can also impact the other seven core elements. For example, someone’s Occupational Wellness can be negatively affected if their Social Anxiety means they’re unable to perform at work to the best of their ability – maybe they feel like they can’t have a conversation with their employer, make an important presentation, or even have a career that they enjoy.

So what is it like to have Social Anxiety Disorder? Well, it’s one of the most common anxiety disorders in the UK, so if you suffer with it you’re definitely not the only one. Generally, it involves an overwhelming fear of being judged, visibly embarrassed, accidentally offending someone, or being the centre of attention. Typical physical symptoms include a rapid heartbeat, dizziness, shortness of breath, muscle tension and stomach issues such as nausea and diarrhoea. Some people even report the sensation of being ‘out-of-body’.

Without treatment, Social Anxiety Disorder can last a lifetime and it can lead to other mental health issues such as agoraphobia and depression. In order to live a happy and healthy life, it’s essential to reach out to a mental health professional for support.

If you’re experiencing Social Anxiety you can book at free consultation with Kim.

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