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Let thy food be thy medicine – a term we often come across but do we really take note of what it is telling us?

Over recent years and especially since the pandemic there has been a spike in many areas of mental and emotional health, but have we ever noticed a correlation between the food we eat and our mental, physical AND emotional health?

The food a lot of us mainly consume has changed somewhat over the last few decades and quite a lot of this food could really be seen as more of a product. What we see on the supermarket shelves a lot of the time bares no resemblance to the raw ingredients, to a point that now a lot of our food is produced to look a certain way, and give us a certain experience rather than focus on what food is actually there to do, nourish, build and prolong our health.

This couldn’t be more true when we see the rise in mental health issues, physical health issues (auto -immune conditions, diabetes, cancer) and emotional eating issues (stress and comfort eating). The food we put in definitely has a huge affect on what comes out, which leads me onto exactly that, our gut health.

Over 80% of our hormones are produced in the gut and when you think our gut starts from food coming into our mouth to food leaving us via waste, it’s no wonder it plays such a big part in our overall health. You may have heard the term leaky gut, this is when our gut lining is perforated due to varying factors – our stress levels, the food we eat, the medication we take and the
environment we live can all play a part. When our gut is leaking this means that particles of food and waste (eugh) leak into our system and cause huge inflammation.

Inflammation in our bodies is when we have those issues that are physical, mental or emotional. So it is key to our overall health to keep our gut healthy and the food we eat is a key part. There is a huge link between our gut and brain so it makes sense that keeping our gut healthy, in turn, keeps our brain healthy.

Our gut health is really key to so many things in our body as our hormones are what keep our bodies in a constant state, so without them we really couldn’t function. So there is really is a lot of truth of food being your medicine, maybe something to think of the next time you’re ordering take out or have that urge for that extra piece of cake, is it really what your body needs or just something your tuned into wanting?

Margaret Bell

Naturally Empowered Health, Anti Diet & Gut Health Coach

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