As we say goodbye to 2021, many of us will be thinking about goals we want to achieve next year. We think that the most important resolution to make is to prioritise your wellness for 2022. Our 8 Wise™️ approach consists of eight core wellness elements, which are all vital to our overall wellbeing. Try and make a resolution to strengthen and protect all eight this year. Luckily, we have something that will help!
Our 12 Month Wellness Planner is available to give you the framework to enhance your overall health and wellbeing.
So, how can you stick to your resolutions this year? A study showed that only 12% of people who made resolutions actually felt as though they achieved them. So let’s make sure you’re in this 12% for 2022!
Start slow and take small steps! For example, if your Physical Wellness resolution is to train for a marathon, start by jogging a short distance couple of times a week and slowly work it up to longer and more frequently.
Secondly, don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad day or week. Change takes time, and being hard on yourself can actually cause you to become demotivated.
This next tip is a great one for boosting your Social Wellness – get support! Find a friend or family member with a similar resolution to you and hold each other accountable. You could go to the gym together, or start a book club for example.
Keeping track of your achievements is great for keeping you motivated. Write down what you have achieved each day, or think about what you could do to make tomorrow a more successful day. It can also be helpful to keep a note of if you have a bad day, and if there was a particular circumstance or event that triggered it.
To help you with your resolutions, be sure to check out our journal, planner and book here.

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