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How to Beat the Sunday Scaries

How to Beat the Sunday Scaries

There’s a name for that very particular brand of dread we feel on Sunday nights – the ‘Sunday Scaries’, that nagging feeling of nervousness and anxiety that creep up on us as at about 5pm on a Sunday.  The dread about returning to work on Monday, the apprehension about an upcoming event or situation, the possibility of a negative outcome, or adverse judgment by others.

How do we overcome this weekly mental package of doom? Well, as the 8Wise™ Wellness Programme stipulates, prioritising self-care through activities like mindfulness and taking breaks can help.  We can learn to manage our work-related stress through boosting occupational wellness, we can develop healthy relationships with others through social wellness and we can overcome those negative thinking patterns through emotional wellness.  Some of these other ways you may find useful too.

Make a Friday checklist.

You are more likely to breathe easy on Sunday night if you are prepared for Monday morning. Consider closing out your work week on Fridays by jotting down a Monday agenda. List your tasks, remind yourself of meetings and just generally plot out what your Monday will look like.

Unplug and unwind over the weekend.

Getting the most out of your weekend could help you feel fulfilled on Sunday evening. Unplugging from work is vital so avoid checking your email or doing any work-related tasks. Instead, try to mindfully engage in your weekend activities. Devote your full attention to one thing can help you immerse yourself in what you are doing and lead to more enjoyable downtime. And try to reduce the alcohol intake too, it can leave you with a residual level of anxiety which can enhance the ‘Sunday Scaries’.

Do the opposite of your job.

A bad weekend is a busman’s weekend. If you do a lot of the same things required of you at work over the weekend, such as data entry, admin, desk work, DIY etc, you may feel like you never disconnected at all. Get some good exercise sessions in, go for a long walk, and engage in the hobbies of your choice, that are opposite to what you do at work.

Maintain your regular sleep schedule.

A lot of us stay up much later on Friday and Saturday nights than we do during the week. Maintaining a healthy sleep schedule can not only leave us feeling refreshed for leisurely weekend activities, but it could also help us enter the workweek feeling recharged and well-rested.

Treat yourself on Monday morning.

Gifting yourself a Monday treat is a great way to reduce some of the negative feelings associated with that first day of the work week. Do an early morning gym class, grab your favourite coffee before work, make your favourite lunch, or save your favourite podcast for the Monday commute (Live the 8Wise Way available now on all podcast platforms ;-).

Do what you can to manage the ‘Sunday Scaries’ and take back control of how you start the working week.  Be aware that in some cases, the symptoms can overlap with conditions such as an anxiety disorder or major depression, so if your ‘Sunday Scaries’ are severe or getting worse, please consider seeing a mental health professional or join or 8Wise™ Wellness Programme and start developing a healthier happier mind and an improved quality of life.

Want to learn more about the 8Wise™ Wellness Programme, then get in touch today.

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