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Podcast on mental health and wellbeing

Break Free from Your Comfort Zone

In this episode of Live the 8Wise™ Way we continue to look at the internal dimension and explore the concept of intellectual wellness. Intellectual wellness is making sure your brain is stimulated, to ensure you keep developing and growing as a person. It ensures we continue to learn and thrive, but at a really basic level it also ensures our survival as a species. During this episode I am going to explore the different aspects of intellectual wellness. We explore how our comfort zone safeguards us from the unknown, but in doing so it limits us from exploring our potential. We also look at the different intelligence types, and how the modern education system is often too linear which can cause many of us to feel not good enough or not smart enough. Ultimately I help you understand how you can manage your intellectual wellness so that you can prevent anxiety, stress, depression and other mental health issues.

Live the 8 Wise™ Way – June 29, 2022
Podcast on mental health and wellbeing

Who Am I and Why Does It Matter?

In previous episodes we have covered emotional and physical wellness, as we explore the first dimension of the 8Wise™ model. In this episode we are moving on to the next dimension – your internal dimension, and your inner world and your spiritual wellness. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean anything religious or faith-based. In fact, I think we spend a lot of time externalising our spiritual wellness and look for something divine, when spiritual wellness is about self-reflection and connecting with yourself. Who are you? What do you want to do with your life? Are you happy?

Live the 8 Wise™ Way – June 22, 2022
Podcast on mental health and wellbeing

Know Your Body, Know Your Mind

Do you find yourself neglecting your physical wellbeing when you’re in a rut? It’s common for us to become less active and get into poor routines when we’re feeling down, but as the old trope goes, a healthy body really can make a healthy mind. In this episode I explore some of the ways you can improve your physical wellbeing to help you live a happier, healthier life. I give you a practical breathing exercise you can use to tackle sleep problems including insomnia, and I also talk through some of the things you can do to improve your nutrition and exercise plans to embed long-term healthier habits. There is such a strong link between your physical and emotional wellness, and it’s so important you listen to this podcast and put some of my 8Wise™ model into practice to support your mental health prevention journey.

Live the 8 Wise™ Way – June 16, 2022
Podcast on mental health and wellbeing

Regulating Your Emotions to Control Your Mind

How can we regulate our emotions to boost our emotional wellness and start living a healthier, happier way? That’s what this episode is all about, and by using the principles of the 8Wise™ model I am going to help you understand the science behind your emotions and the things you can do to manage them better. I will also tell you all about the additional resources you can use to help you with this. I also break down the difference between self-esteem and confidence, and the important of balancing your logical thinking with your emotional thinking. This podcast is not just about helping you to recover from mental health issues, but putting the right tools in place to prevent them.

Live the 8 Wise™ Way – June 15, 2022
Podcast on mental health and wellbeing

How to Break Down the Mental Chaos

In this episode I will be outlining the 8Wise™ process and showing you how it can be used to break down the mental chaos. You might be thinking how do I know this works? Well, I have had a long battle with mental health myself, and it’s actually the reason why I studied psychotherapy and developed the 8Wise™ program. Having studied criminology at University, I recognised the psychological signs when I was spiralling from stress to anxiety to depression, and then to agoraphobia. When I was too scared to even get off my sofa, I knew something had to change, and so I created 8Wise™ and I used it for my own recovery. It works. And if you follow the steps in this podcast, you can start to break down your own mental chaos and make it work for you too.

Live the 8 Wise™ Way – June 15, 2022

From 2021

Kim recaps the foundation dimensions and internal dimensions of her 8Wise™ model and talks through the four wellness areas covered in previous shows. Kim also talks through how to complete a stress self assessment and how to assess your mental health and wellbeing the 8Wise™ Way.

8 Wise Ways™ – S1 EP6 – 01 September 2021

Kim introduces the importance of intellectual wellness and the age-old question “What is the meaning of life” In this show, you will learn more about your intelligence type and how to stretch the prison of your comfort zone to improve your mental health and wellness.

8 Wise Ways™ – S1 EP5 – 01 August 2021

Kim talks about the importance of spiritual wellness and wellbeing for achieving optimal mental health. In this episode Kim talks in detail about how to develop values, beliefs and purpose for a more spiritually healthy life and how this links to mental health.

8 Wise Ways™ – S1 EP4 – 01 July 2021

Kim talks to Helen about the book 8Wise™ Ways to a healthier happier mind and offers advice and tips on how to stay mentally strong.

With Helen Jones on BBC Radio Merseyside – 22 June 2021

Kim talks about wellness element number two from her 8Wise™ model for better mental health, Physical wellness, and the impact it has on mental health and overall wellbeing. In this episode Kim talks about the four core areas of physical health and how to embed them into a life long wellness strategy for protecting mental and physical health.

8 Wise Ways™ – S1 EP3 – 01 June 2021

Join Kim for this extra special episode for Mental Health Week 2021, and the launch of her exciting new book.

8 Wise Ways™ – Special Book Launch Episode – 14 May 2021

Kim talks about Emotional wellness and the part it plays in the 8Wise™ model and the impact it can have on your mental health and wellbeing. In this episode Kim will talk you through the strategy she uses with her clients to build emotional wellness and also develop an emotional wellness toolbox of tricks to manage emotions in a healthy and effective manner.

8 Wise Ways™ – S1 EP2 – 01 May 2021

Kim talks about how her experience with mental health led her to develop the unique 8Wise™ model and 8Wise™ Ways approach for achieving optimal mental health and wellbeing for a living a happier and healthier life. Kim explains how she uses this approach herself to manage her own mental wellness and how she uses it with her own clients through Dalton Wise Coaching and Therapy.

8 Wise Ways™ – S1 EP1 – 31 March 2021


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