As schools across the nation open back up for a new year, we thought it only fitting to talk about learning in today’s blog post. Learning and education is an intrinsic part of Intellectual Wellness, one of the core elements of our 8Wise™️, and in turn our overall wellbeing. As humans, we are an inquisitive species and crave intelligence. Intellectual Wellness is about understanding your interests, and being willing to expand your skills and knowledge with lifelong learning.

We are all different, and therefore all have different learning styles and when you identify yours, learning becomes easier and more enjoyable. There are seven different learning styles:

  1. Visual

If you’re a visual learner you learn best with photos and images. You might prefer colourful notes and artistic mind maps with symbols.

  1. Physical

Those who prefer this learning style retain information best when using their body and hands. Acting things out or using things like flashcards are preferred.

  1. Aural

This style focuses on listening to things. Perhaps you like to turn information into a tune, or like to listen to educational podcasts.

  1. Social

Those with this learning style work best when they take part in group study activities such as taking quizzes with friends.

  1. Solitary

In contrast to the social learner, solitary leaners learn best when they are working alone. They may wish to make and receive notes.

  1. Verbal

This focuses on written or spoken words. These learners may like to talk things through, and use tools like acronyms.

  1. Logical

Finally, logical learners prefer using logic and rationing to learn. These types of learners tend to be good with numbers and statistics.

If you would like to find more information about how you can boost your Intellectual Wellness, and other elements of 8Wise then be sure to read our book, ‘8 Wise Ways To A Healthier Happier Mind’.

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