‘One in four people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year in England,’ according to a study commissioned by the NHS. This is a common statistic used in mental health training and literature.

But what about the other three people in this statistic?

Isn’t it possible that one of those ‘other three’ can develop into the ‘one in four’?

For me, the penny dropped when I realized this.

What could I have done to remain one of the ‘other three’?

Why had no one ever taught me how to stay part of the ‘other three’?

The 8Wise™ model was thus created to help myself and other people do exactly that. Preventing the onset of mental health problems is a crucial aspect of long-term mental and physical health.

However, the 8Wise™ model goes beyond that and can also serve as a recovery model. It can help to prevent the ‘other three’ from becoming part of the mental illness statistics. It can also be used to support those who are experiencing mild or moderate mental health problems too, by leading them back to becoming part of the ‘other three’ again.

What about those with severe mental health problems? They can also benefit from the 8Wise™ approach as part of (but not a replacement for) an overarching clinical plan (provided it is agreed to by their mental health practitioner).

8Wise™ can be accessed by any person at any time and at its core is something for ‘the other three’ as well as the one in four. The objective is to present an approach that puts YOU back in control of your mental health, that allows you to learn about yourself, that gives you the guidance to develop in the areas that support you. With the main and most important aim: to take action to improve your wellness and wellbeing for a longer, happier and more fulfilling life.

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