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Work with Kim and the team to:

1. unlock your organisations potential

2. develop and launch a successful mental health and wellbeing in the workplace strategy that improves the performance and productivity whilst still maintaining a people first approach

3. support the leadership of the organisation to develop and maintain mental capacity and self-awareness through reducing stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, self-doubt and imposter syndrome for improved critical thinking skills, accelerated learning, better team performance, and sustainable organisational change

Our Approach

We provide a ‘pick and mix’ assortment of services to help you to develop a successful wellbeing in the workplace strategy and effective cultural transition focussed on improving performance, productivity, and people. Simply choose from the options below.

Option One

Full 8Wise™ Implementation package

We can provide a full 8Wise™ implementation plan.

This service consists of:

  • Wellbeing Evaluations
  • Wellbeing Solution Strategy
  • Wellbeing services including
    • 8Wise™ management training
    • 8Wise™ staff training
    • Counselling and Coaching
    • Additional Holistic therapies from associates

Option Two

Wellbeing Evaluations

We provide a Business Evaluation and Gap Analysis of current wellbeing strategy mapped against current staff wellbeing needs.

  • Conduct staff interviews, focus groups, online questionnaire.
  • Gather information and produce a report with findings.

Option Three

Wellbeing Solution Strategy

We provide a Wellbeing Solution Strategy based on findings from the Gap Analysis which can be implemented by your own team or ours.

  • Provide details on wellbeing services and their benefits to staff wellbeing
  • Provide details on local providers
  • Provide an implementation strategy

Option Four

Wellbeing Services

We can provide a range of group and 121 wellbeing services that can be delivered in house or externally for staff.

  • Mental health recovery and prevention services such as counselling, coaching and holistic therapies delivered by qualified, experienced and professionally registered practitioners

Contact us now and to discuss how we can support with your wellbeing in the workplace strategy and start working the 8 Wise Way for better staff mental health and wellbeing for improved business outcomes.

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