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Are you?

1. A business owner, business leader, executive or part of a management team?

2. Experiencing issues linked to: stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, imposter syndrome, a dysfunctional relationship with food or poor work life balance?

3. Looking to implement an effective wellbeing in the workplace strategy to improve performance, productivity and profit whilst demonstrating a duty of care towards employees and yourself?

If you answered yes then you are in the right place and the 8Wise™ Method for better mental health and wellbeing is the solution for you.

Kim Rutherford, Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker, and Thought Leader

About 8Wise™

8Wise is the brainchild of Kim Rutherford, Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker, and Thought Leader in prevention and recovery approaches for better mental health and wellbeing. It was created as a response to her own mental health issues when she was a corporate senior leader.  8Wise has gone on to support thousands of leaders worldwide through one-to-one support therapeutic coaching, training, consultancy and of course Kim’s books and popular podcast. 

8Wise focuses on managing life’s challenges through the eight core elements of your wellness spectrum to improve mental capacity and develop a healthier happier mind for a better quality of life. We call it ‘Living the 8 Wise Way’. 

So, if you have been looking for one simple approach to manage your own mental health and wellbeing as well as support your employees with theirs then you have come to the right place. 

8Wise can help you:

  • Decrease stress, anxiety, panic, burnout, guilt, depression, self doubt, disordered eating and imposter syndrome. 
  • Increase mental capacity, confidence, self-esteem, self-care, performance, productivity, joy, and rational thinking.
  • Improve sleep, health, relationships, energy levels, and negative thinking patterns and behaviours.

Next steps 

Start living the 8 Wise Way for better mental health and wellbeing today. 

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