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How To Develop Your 8Wise™ Map

How To Develop Your 8Wise™ Map

Are you ready to start developing optimal mental health and wellbeing for an improved quality of life? Before getting to work on developing your 8 Wise™ Map lets first recap each of the eight key elements of the approach.

Emotional Wellness: involves your ability to cope with stress, express emotions, and feel positive about your life. People with healthy emotional wellness feel confident, in control of their feelings and behaviours, build satisfying relationships with others, can handle life challenges, and can love themselves and others.

Physical Wellness: is about healthy habits regarding physical activity, a nutritious diet, adequate sleep, appropriate health care, practicing safe behaviours, and overall physical health.

Spiritual Wellness: is related to your values and beliefs that help you find meaning and purpose in your life. Strong signs of spiritual health include having clear values, a sense of self-confidence, and a feeling of inner peace.

Intellectual Wellness: is when you recognize and accept your own talents seek out new knowledge and skills in creative ways for mental growth and personal development. Intellectual wellness can improve concentration, memory and critical thinking skills. 

Environmental Wellness: relates to your external surrounding; your social environment and your natural environment play a part as both are entwined with each other. Our environments can impact how we feel, think and behave.

Social Wellness: focuses on how we connect with others, how we interact with others, and how we develop and maintain healthy relationships. Optimal social wellness also requires you to know when to distance yourself from those relationship that are no longer healthy for you.

Occupational Wellness: involves balancing work and leisure time, building relationships with co-workers, and managing workplace stress to develop a sense of satisfaction and achievement in relation to your job, your employer and your career.  This includes finding work that map to your values, interests and skills.  

Financial Wellness: finances are such a common trigger for stress, being able to minimize that worry and stress through feeling financially satisfied will enhance overall wellness and wellbeing.

8Wise™ Evaluations

The key to developing optimal mental health and wellbeing using the 8Wise™ method is to assess yourself against each of these eight key elements and create your own 8Wise™ Map.  The map is how you navigate your wellbeing journey and like all maps you need to start with your coordinates, which in this case are identified using the 8Wise™ Evaluations.

Below is an example of the questions asked in the emotional wellness evaluation, using the digital tool on the 8Wise website (click here).

Emotional Wellness

When you complete your questions, using the multiple-choice options available, you will be sent a score for that specific element. For example: 29/40.  You will also be advised what map co-ordinate this score correlates to. For example: 29 = 5. 

You would then plot this on your map and eventually after completing all evaluations your map would look a little like the one in the diagram.

When you have your 8Wise™ Map ready you then need to decide which of the eight elements you want to start developing first, and from this decision start to develop your 8 Wise™ Milestones and Steps to build your 8 Wise™ Transition plan. 


The Evaluations + Milestones + Steps = Transition Plan which is the main tool to follow if you are wanting to ‘Live the 8 Wise™ Way’ and develop optimal mental health and wellbeing for an improved quality of life.


Top Tips

  • Focus on one element at a time – remember each one has an impact on the others so by improving one you will have a positive impact on the others too.
  • When you have picked the element, you want to start with, look to implement a self-care strategy specific to that one. The 8Wise™ Programme walks you through this.
  • Move onto the next element when you are ready and reassess yourself every 12 weeks to maintain your wellbeing improvements.

If you would like to book a session or register for our next programme, get in touch today.

For more information on 8Wise™ and the mental health services provided check out the rest of this website.

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