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8 Wise Ways to Cool a Room in a Heatwave

8 Wise Ways to Cool a Room in a Heatwave

Is working from home unbearable in this heat? Are you struggling to sleep in a warm stuffy room.  It’s nice to approach summer and have good weather but heatwaves can impact our mental health and wellbeing.

Here are 8 Wise Ways to Cool a Room this summer.

1. Close the curtains and blinds

Closing our curtains and blinds during the day is a great option to keep the heat out. It prevents creating a greenhouse effect, so when bedtime comes around the room is a lot cooler than what it would be otherwise.

2. Open windows at night time

When the temperatures heat up, our first response is to crack open a window, however, all that does is let more hot air in. When the sun goes down, the outside air will start to cool down. At this point, it is a great idea to open the windows to let in a breeze of cool external air, helping cool the room and to provide needed air circulation.

3. Create a cross breeze

Where possible, open windows at the front and back of your home, allowing cooler air to flow in one side and out the other. If you have a room with only one window, open all doors so the air can pass through the house creating a nice breeze.

4. Hang wet sheets

If you don’t have a fan, or you’re looking to cool down your room further, hang a wet or damp sheet in front of a window. This will cool warm air as it enters your.

5. Place a frozen water bottle in front of your fan

Make your fan work harder and more effectively by placing a large bottle of frozen water in front of it. This will cool the air the fan is blowing, making the room more comfortable during those unbearably hot nights.

6. Trays of ice water

If you place your hand above a tray of ice water you will definitely feel the air is colder. So if you have a small room to cool down, place multiple trays around it to bring the air temperature down.

7. Close your doors

When using a fan, close off unused room and focus your efforts to the main room you’re in. 

When the sun begins to go down, opening them up again will help create a better air flow.

8. Fit reflective window film

In extreme weathers and hotter climates, you will see many homes and car owners fit reflective films to their windows to keep the sun rays at bay. Not too expensive and very effective, it’s been reported it can reduce heat and glare by up to 99%.

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